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Your Body Is Begging For This!

In this environment our system is overloaded with chemicals, medications, metabolic waste, food additives and pollutants.  While the body is designed to eliminate these harmful substances it is overwhelmed, so our bodies suspend and dilute impurities in the fatty tissue.  This will cause fluid retention and it will slow down the elastin fibers from holding a smooth contour. The impurities buildup creating spongy bloated areas and skin tone is lost…  Not to mention the formation of that hated cellulite!

The Detox Hydro Therapy Body Wrap:

Will thoroughly hydrate and detoxify your body as you relax in a cocoon of warmth.

A body wrap will smooth out the lines and help you be ready for that beach vacation!

Natural streamlining of botanical extracts and essential oils will eliminate toxins, firm, tone and texturize your body. This wrap will trigger the body’s own ability to cleanse itself of toxins. The body will dispose of the impurities safely and naturally through the billions of pores of the skin, as well as through the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

As your body disperses the impurities, the skin tightens and becomes firmer, the tissue healthier. In areas where bodies have swollen to accumulate and store these toxins the skin tightening is dramatic and reflected by tape measurements as actual inch loss! You will see a difference in your Stomach, Abdomen and Thighs!

The Enzymatic Sea Mud Body Wrap:

Will give you the experience of the ocean’s healing and purifying powers.  Seaweed is nature’s most complete source of nutrition, which will stimulate a sluggish metabolism while detoxifying and reducing cellulite.

Carolyn can give you this Suda Tonic wrapSudatonic™ Body Wrap

FIR Infrared technology is used to make the body burn fat.  This helps your body build up a resistance to sweating and then the technique will help the body start to sweat and remove it’s toxins.

*  Lose inches from problematic areas

* Reduce the appearance of cellulite

* Reduce stress and see a reduction in fatigue

*  Increase blood circulation

*  Relieve pain and joint stiffness

*  Amp up your immune system

* Remove impurities and toxins

*  Releases waste from the body

*  Notice smoother and more hydrated skin

*  See a reduction in water retention

*  Lose up to 5 pounds

*  Dramatically reduce cellulite

*  Eliminate up to 20% of body fat

*  Burn up to 4,000 calories

*  Body contouring

*  Lose inches off waistline, hips and thighs

*  Completely invigorate your body

The first sign of poor microcirculation is excess water retention. SUDATONIC first eliminates excess water, then attacks excess fat.     Click for more information on the Sudatonic™ Body wrap 

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